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3 Best Android Games for the Brainy

3 Best Android Games for the Brainy - Games are supposed to be fun, some can even be so enthralling and hypnotic that when you play them, you will forget about everything else, including important routines like learning and working. Some games can make you unwise and imprudent; however, not all games are the same. There are games that make you think. They are not necessarily categorized as educational games, which are ironically often not fun. The 5 free games Android that you will read below are fun to play and great enough to stimulate your ingenuity and to make you think. If you need a game in your gadget that makes you entertained and smart at the same time and turns you from a no-brainer to a brainy, check out the following games.

3 Best Android Games for the Brainy

Predicting the unpredictable is the thrill that makes Portal a great game. Your character is armed with a gun that you can use to draw a hole on any surface, be it floor, wall or anything. For a moment, the game appears to be a classic puzzle game; however, because the game requires you to beat a nemesis called GlaDOS, it is practically a thrilling action game that will get you immersed in its fast-paced actions and riddles. This game is perfect for the brainy as it requires you to predict what will happen to your character once it enters a portal you make and to take such factors as gravitational force into consideration.

If you are a poor memorizer and wish to have a fun means to improve your memorizing ability, Eidetic is an excellent game to try. Eidetic is a set of memory challenges that help you improve your memorizing ability starting from elementary level to more advanced ones. There are more than 100 challenges available and every achievements you make will be recorded in online leaderboard. Eidetic is available as a free download apk from Google Play and it doesn’t include in-app purchases, making it a great app that is 100% free. If you want to improve your memorizing ability and to see how your ability compares with that of other Eidetic players around the world, you should definitely try this game.

Math Genius Brain Trainer
Everyone hates math, but if you play this game, you will have a chance not only to improve your math skills, but also to love math. The game is intended to be used by children and includes some of the most essential math concepts that children need to learn. Can adults play this game? Of course, yes. Many adults believe that they excel in math; however, in reality, many of them don’t really understand some basic concepts that make even the most difficult math calculations and equations more manageable. With this game, whose developer has offered for free as a free apk that you can download and install from Play Store, mastering those basic concepts will become a fun and enthralling activity. Try this game and see how your math skill and math affection improve significantly.

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