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Oxford Dictionary of English Free APK

Oxford Dictionary of English Free APK - free games android can be found very easily because there are many people all around the world who are into mobile game very much. They want to use their spare time for playing their favorite mobile game but we can make sure that game is not the only thing which people can do with their Android device. There are also apps which can be used for something which is not for entertainment purpose. One useful app which people can use is Oxford Dictionary of English which can be downloaded for free. Let’s learn more about this app further.

Oxford Dictionary of English Free APK


Dictionary surely is important thing which people should have especially if they have to get involved with language often. There was a time when it means that people have to bring a long thick dictionary book everywhere. Nowadays, people do not have to get troubled with this because they only need to install dictionary app on their smart phone. There must be various dictionary apps offered but if people are looking for the best dictionary of English, there is no better option but Oxford Dictionary of English. 

This is the comprehensive resource to more than 350,000 words and phrases along with the definitions in English. The interface of the app is simple so they will be able to search as well as locate their need of English very easily. Even before people finish typing the word, the most likely result will be displayed on the screen because of auto complete feature. There is also unique feature included in this app which allows users for being able to look up words group through the device camera viewfinder. There is no doubt that people want to get the free download apk of this app as soon as possible especially since this useful tool can be downloaded for free.

Pros and Cons

It is always important for making sure that people have proper understanding about the app they want to download and install on their smart phone. There will be so many options of dictionary app which can be chosen but people need to choose the best one. They can consider Oxford Dictionary of English as one of the best dictionary option after they consider about the pros and cons of this app. The good parts of this app should be learned first. It is great that this app comes as dictionary which is fully comprehensive. The resources of the dictionary are streamlined so people can use this dictionary very easily.

Those aspects are good enough for dictionary app for sure but people must not forget that there are some drawbacks which can be found from this dictionary app as well. People cannot expect so much from free app including for this dictionary. It is great that people can get good things from the app but there are some features which can only be accessed with premium license. It means that people have to pay to get those features. People can also experience rather slow online lookup from this app. Nevertheless, people should not miss this free apk.

360 Security Free APK

360 Security Free APK - free games android offer people with very huge opportunity to have fun no matter where they are. There is no doubt that people can really choose the game which is really suitable to their taste. It is super easy to find the game app in people’s smart phone. However, entertainment is not the only thing people need on their smart phone. Smart phone has a lot of data which should be kept secure. That is why people also have to consider about the security of their smart phone and this can be the reason why they also have to look for the antivirus app which should be installed on their smart phone. Various antivirus apps can be found but people can consider 360 Security which is antivirus for Android device.

360 Security Free APK


People can look for the free download apk for the antivirus easily nowadays but of course they have to make the right choice of antivirus app first. People have to know about things which can be done by 360 Security to make sure that this antivirus can be the right choice for them. This app will be useful for scanning for system vulnerability, malware, as well as viruses on their Android device. The detected vulnerability will be viewed once the scanning process is completed. It is not the only great work which can be performed by this app because it can also help boosting the device performance by freeing up the memory of the phone as well as cleaning the caches of the app. There are also other functions offered by this app including encryption of text message, secure vault, app manager, anti-theft, and other tools. This app is also useful for boosting the speed performance as well s efficiency of the battery use based on the claim from the app developer.

Pros and Cons

It is true that the company can promise people with various kinds of great advantage of certain antivirus product. However, people cannot just use any antivirus app on their smart phone if they want to get the best protection for their smart phone. 360 Security app can offer people with some good things after all. People can notice that this app comes with user interface which is very attractive. It means that people can set their phone protection with fun. Protecting the smart phone sounds like complicated thing to do but with this antivirus app, they can use it simply and quickly. 

People can have different protection need for their smart phone but sometimes they cannot get the most suitable protection from the available antivirus app. In this circumstance, they can depend on this antivirus because many tools for optimization can be accessed for free. It means that they will be able to get the ultimate protection they need. People will be delighted with all of those great things offered by this antivirus app but this app cannot offer people with option of data monitor. There is no doubt that they really have to consider about the pros and cons before they try to get the free apk.

AVG Antivirus Free APK

AVG Antivirus Free APK - free games android might be very interesting app which many people are looking for to be installed on their smart phone. We can make sure that having the right game app on the smart phone will help people to have fun although they are super busy in their daily life. The games can be accessed anytime very easily because they will bring along the smart phone anywhere they go. Interesting app should be added to the smart phone but people must not forget to pay attention to the device security. In this circumstance, they have to get the protection from the antivirus and from various options of antivirus which can be found, AVG Antivirus can be a great choice.

AVG Antivirus Free APK


Protecting the Android smart phone is very crucial but people have to find the best solution for this condition. Most people will look for the free solution and we can make sure that AVG Antivirus will be a great solution which can be downloaded for free. This is the perfect antivirus choice which is able to scan the device for various things from malware to multimedia content on the smart phone.

Things which are found will be removed immediately. Using this antivirus can be done very easily and convenient. Engine sensitivity for scanning can be changed. More importantly, people can also make the schedule of scanning in daily or weekly basis. They can simply get the free download apk but they will get more than just antivirus. They will also be able to monitor the power level of the batter and also available storage space. This app is also useful for data plan function, cache cleaner, as well as task killer.

Pros and Cons

Choosing the right antivirus can be a challenging process for many people because there are several offers available out there. There is no doubt that people want to get the best protection for their smart phone so they need to pick the most suitable one. AVG Antivirus can be a great choice but people cannot choose it before they know about the pros and cons of this product. The good things of course must be considered first. It is great that this antivirus app comes with scanning engine which has good quality. It will be very helpful for virus scanning for sure. It is also interesting that the engine sensitivity can be adjusted based on their activity and need with the smart phone. 

This app also comes with the feature for privacy as well as anti-theft. The user interface and also the design of the antivirus app is convincing so people will not have any doubt when they are using this app for protecting their smart phone. This app is also integrated with the AVG Zen. The good features of this app might be tempting but people must not forget about the cons which can also be found from this app. This app comes with some useful features which are barely visible. By understanding this information, people can make decision for downloading free apk.

The Best Applications You Should Have

The Best Applications You Should Have - Looking for a bunch of free download apk for your brand new Android smartphone? You are in luck as this article is written exclusively for you. Not only that, you are also lucky because the Android that you know now has come along way.

The Best Applications You Should Have

Unlike how it was back in the day, today’s Android is no longer the platform with a bunch of questionable quality and substandard applications. It has since evolved into the best open-system platform with incredibly massive application ecosystem as one of its biggest strength points. Countless number of applications are now available on its PlayStore, from the freemium ones to the premium. The term “freemium” may seem odd to some people; but really it is just another way to say a free application with premium offers in it. These applications are free to download and to use, however, it is filled with occasional advertisement banners and promotional offers.

From games and picture editor, to Office Suite and other useful applications. The options are endless, to the point it can be overwhelming for many people to choose. If you are one of those people who are at a loss as to which application to choose from, keep reading.

Best antivirus for your Android phone

Being the most popular open-mobile operating system, it does not come as a surprise that Android hosts a bunch of malware as well. But do not fall victim to these irresponsible malware attacks! Make sure your smartphone has the best antivirus to help detect bogus applications and other malwares looming on the internet. One of the best and most well-respected free apk antivirus for Android is, without a doubt, the AVL. It features anti-phishing technology and also an incredible call-blocker to help you block malicious unknown number for ever contacting you.

Needing an antivirus which acts as both a shield and a scanner? Avast Mobile Security is specifically designed to go above and beyond with its services. With remote lock, firewall and anti-theft features, it effectively protects you as you browse the internet and also in the event that you lose your phone.

The best news application to keep you up-to-date

Feedly is, undoubtedly, the best news application on Android. Acting as a RSS reader to help you keep tabs on various news. Not only that, it also supports Youtube channels, Podcast channels, and many other channels of your interest. Everything you need in order to get yourself up-to-date on a daily basis in one free application – what’s not to love?

Need applications to help your poor navigation skills?

Gone were the days where you must take a few stops in order to learn your map. These days you can easily turn on your GPS, enter your destination, and let Waze and Google Maps do the rest. Not only will they show you the way, they will also help you choose a better alternative in the event of heavy traffic jam. Not driving? Download some free games Android such as Super Mario Run and Tap My Katamari to avoid boredom during long road trips.
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Useful and Fun Applications for Your Android Phone

Useful and Fun Applications for Your Android Phone - Android may be one of the most used mobile operating systems with endless free download apk options in the world in this day and age, but it is still fresh on our minds just how sad it was to have an Android device back in the day. It almost seemed like we signed up for a dull life involving a few outdated, sub-standard mobile applications. All the good stuff only catered to the iOS platform and there we were, trying to make-do with what we had.

Useful and Fun Applications for Your Android Phone

Some of us just simply could not afford an iPhone, whereas others just despised not having enough flexibility or freedom with iOS; but regardless of the exact reason that made us feel the need to settle for an Android device back then, we all encountered the same issue. And that is none other than the lack of applications.

Fortunately, those grim days are over. Today we have everything we ever want and need in an application; and the sheer number of selections gives us the freedom to choose the one that is suitable to our personal need or preferences. From fun applications such as elaborate mobile games, to useful applications such as the office suite you need to create and edit documents you need for work – everything is available on Android’s own PlayStore. Below is a list of must-have free apk you should have on your Android device.

ES Disk Analyzer

When you first bought your smartphone, a 16GB or 32GB storage seemed like a lot of space but a few months down the line, you realized that 16GB is next to nothing. With the amount of applications you have and files you store in your phone, it is easy for them to eat up all the available space. This particular application is designed to help you make the most out of your phone storage. By identifying things you may not need and get rid of it in a single swoop, saving space is no longer a difficult task.

Adobe Scan

Professionals may find the need to use a document scanner every now and again. Other times, they also have the need to edit the scanned document. With Adobe Scan application, you can do both effortlessly. Incredibly easy to use, all you have to do is properly line up the document right under the camera of your phone, hold the phone steady, it will automatically highlight all of the section it is about to scan, and it’s done in a second.

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius

Now that we have given you recommendations on the best, free and useful applications, it is time to give you a recommendation of the best free game on Android. Considered as a freemium mobile game, Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius is one of the best strategy gameplays on the market. With incredible graphic and interface, challenging quests and fun storyline, the game will make you want to play for hours non-stop. Loving similar games? You can give Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast and also Injustice 2 from our free games Android recommendation list.

3 Generous Android Apps that Give You Real Money

3 Generous Android Apps that Give You Real Money - Your Android device has certainly drained your wallet with its expensive price and constant reliance on data usage, which is not free. However, you can actually earn money using your Android device if you know how to transform it into a money-making machine. There are many apps and free games Android that allow you to earn money while you are using your device. Three of those apps are listed here. If you want to be a financially productive Android user, here are 3 Android apps that you should check out.

3 Generous Android Apps that Give You Real Money

Cash for Apps

Cash for Apps is possibly the most generous money-making app that you can have in your mobile device. This app is available for both Android and Apple devices, and if you already have an account set up in one of those operating systems, you don’t need to create another account. Cash for Apps grant you points for every app or game that you download and install on your device. Accumulate enough points and you can redeem them in various merchants, including Google’s Play Store, Apple’s iTunes, Amazon, Walmart, and many more. You get $1 for 300 points that you have accumulated. There is also referral bonus that you can earn if you invite your friend to use this app. Do you need to keep the apps that Cash for Apps requires you to download? No, if you like them, you can keep them, but if you don’t want to bloat your device, you can simply remove them seconds after you download them.


Clashot is a free download apk that allows you to earn money from selling photos that you get using your device’s camera. The mechanism is simple: you shoot any photos that you like, you upload them, and the system will help find potential buyers for your photos. For every photo that is sold, you get a certain percentage of the purchasing price as your commission. Clashot’s online photo bank is one of the biggest photo banks attended by thousands of buyers every day, so if you can upload the right photos that people need, your chance to get paid is relatively big; however, if you decide to use this app to generate real income, you need to know how to shoot the right pictures and how to promote them.

Bitmaker Free Bitcoin

More and more people are switching from traditional currency system to bitcoin. If you find investing in cryptocurrency promising, you may want to try this app. It gives you free Satoshi, the smallest unit of Bitcoin, whenever you play games, use certain apps, or perform any other activities that this app requires. Basically, with this app, you can earn bitcoin while you are having fun with your device. This app pays you every Saturday with minimum withdrawal limit that is so low that you can always transfer your bitcoin to your wallet even if your earning is low. Because it requires you to have a bitcoin wallet to receive your reward, you may want to make one first before installing the free apk of this app.

3 Best Android Games for the Brainy

3 Best Android Games for the Brainy - Games are supposed to be fun, some can even be so enthralling and hypnotic that when you play them, you will forget about everything else, including important routines like learning and working. Some games can make you unwise and imprudent; however, not all games are the same. There are games that make you think. They are not necessarily categorized as educational games, which are ironically often not fun. The 5 free games Android that you will read below are fun to play and great enough to stimulate your ingenuity and to make you think. If you need a game in your gadget that makes you entertained and smart at the same time and turns you from a no-brainer to a brainy, check out the following games.

3 Best Android Games for the Brainy

Predicting the unpredictable is the thrill that makes Portal a great game. Your character is armed with a gun that you can use to draw a hole on any surface, be it floor, wall or anything. For a moment, the game appears to be a classic puzzle game; however, because the game requires you to beat a nemesis called GlaDOS, it is practically a thrilling action game that will get you immersed in its fast-paced actions and riddles. This game is perfect for the brainy as it requires you to predict what will happen to your character once it enters a portal you make and to take such factors as gravitational force into consideration.

If you are a poor memorizer and wish to have a fun means to improve your memorizing ability, Eidetic is an excellent game to try. Eidetic is a set of memory challenges that help you improve your memorizing ability starting from elementary level to more advanced ones. There are more than 100 challenges available and every achievements you make will be recorded in online leaderboard. Eidetic is available as a free download apk from Google Play and it doesn’t include in-app purchases, making it a great app that is 100% free. If you want to improve your memorizing ability and to see how your ability compares with that of other Eidetic players around the world, you should definitely try this game.

Math Genius Brain Trainer
Everyone hates math, but if you play this game, you will have a chance not only to improve your math skills, but also to love math. The game is intended to be used by children and includes some of the most essential math concepts that children need to learn. Can adults play this game? Of course, yes. Many adults believe that they excel in math; however, in reality, many of them don’t really understand some basic concepts that make even the most difficult math calculations and equations more manageable. With this game, whose developer has offered for free as a free apk that you can download and install from Play Store, mastering those basic concepts will become a fun and enthralling activity. Try this game and see how your math skill and math affection improve significantly.

3 Best Android Apps for Students in 2017

3 Best Android Apps for Students in 2017 - Android device has become an essential part of students’ lifestyle; however, the device is actually useful not only for their pursuits of entertainment and social expansion, but also for their learning and life management as a student. There are dozens of apps, many of which are available as free apk apps, on Google Play Store that help them make everything right. There are apps that help them get easier access to learning resources and there are apps that allow them to manage their learning necessities better. If you are a student, here are 3 best Android apps for students that will make you a better and well-organized student.

3 Best 3 Best Antivirus Apps for Android in 2017 To-do list, Calendar, Reminders & Planner

For students, there are so many things that need organizing that without a set of proper instruments, being a well-organized student is often a daunting task. This all-in-one app provides an excellent solution for students who find it hard to organize their activities, appointments, tasks, and schedules. As the name implies, is a combination of task organizer, calendar, reminder, and planner that will surely be useful for students. This app is available as a free download apk from Google Play Store, so students can reap its full benefits without having to spend a dime. Better yet, system works not only in mobile environment, but also in PC and web-based environments, so you can always synchronize everything that needs organizing with other devices that you regularly use.

Cloud Storage Apps

For students, every single note, essay, article, and other types of paperwork that they write are essential for the progress of their study. Losing any may cause a very disastrous consequence. You can store your documents locally in your computer or mobile device, but accidental deletion or malwares may make them disappear. To avoid this disastrous situation, you need to rely on a cloud storage app, which stores copies of your documents in the cloud and synchronizes your offline documents with the ones in the cloud. There are many apps that you can use. Most Android users have already had Google Drive bundled with their Android device, so if you already have one, you least likely need to download and install it. There are other apps that are developed for similar purpose, the most famous of which is Dropbox. You may want to give one a try to see how it compares with Google’s proprietary cloud storage app.


For students dealing with math, calculator, be it physical or digital, is often not the most reliable means to solve their math problems. Mathway offers the most comprehensive solutions for all math problems. Any types of calculation and equation, ranging from basic math and pre-algebra to trigonometry and calculus, can be solved using this app. Despite its name, it is actually useful not only for solving math problems. If you are dealing with statistics and chemistry, this app can also become a handy instrument.
Many other apps are available for students who wish to reap the most benefits from their Android gadget. In fact, some free games android on the Play Store are educative in nature. We have another article that specifically talks about games that are not only fun to play, but also great enough to make you think.
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3 Best Antivirus Apps for Android in 2017

3 Best Antivirus Apps for Android in 2017 - The best antivirus app that is installed on your Android device effectively protects it from potential attacks. Android is the most successful operating system that powers up almost all kinds of device, ranging from phones to digital books, televisions and video game consoles. Success draws attacks, so if you are using an Android handheld, getting it protected is compulsory. If your device vendor has not equipped it with a built-in antivirus app, take a look at the 3 best antivirus apps below because you may need one of them to fortify your device.

3 Best Antivirus Apps for Android in 2017

Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus

Avast has a long reputation as one of the most dependable antivirus giants since PC era. Avast’s antivirus is as reliable on mobile devices as it is on computers. Better yet, the company offers its powerful antivirus program as a free download apk available at Google’s Play Store. The free version has all features offered in the premium version, including firewall, anti-theft features that—among others—automatically lock missing device, and a call blocker. The downside is that ads will regularly pop up, but you can remove them—and get the ad-free premium version—by making a small payment.

Bitdefender Antivirus

Bitdefender Antivirus is an excellent choice for devices that are struggling with battery. Bitdefender Antivirus doesn’t run in the background, so it doesn’t consume your device’s battery when you are not using it. This antivirus app protects your device by screening all apps that you download from either Google’s official Play Store or third-party sources, which often carry security risks. Because it doesn’t run in the background, you need to regularly perform full system scanning to ensure perfect protection. This antivirus is available as free apk that you can download and install from Play Store. A paid pro version called Bitdefender Mobile Security is also available to try for 14 days should you decide to try it. The pro version offers some useful extras, including anti-theft features and security extensions for your internet browser.


AVL Team’s antivirus is the winner of the AV-Test Award for Best Protection 2013. If you prefer an antivirus program that constantly protects your device even if it is in idle state, you will find this app a reliable protector. The app does work in the background, but it is designed to be light on battery use, so battery life should not be a concern when you use this app. AVL antivirus is supposed to be AVL Team’s lite—and therefore free—version of its antivirus app; however, even the pro version, which is called AVL Pro Antivirus & Security, is also available for free. 

If you regularly download free games android or other free apps from both Play Store and other sources and you want to make sure that they don’t contain any kinds of malice that may harm you or your device, you can rely on both the lite and the pro versions of this antivirus app to get your device actively and passively protected.

Avast Free APK Antivirus

Avast Free APK Antivirus - free games android will be very interesting and important for modern people since they need to get instant entertainment access. They do not have too much time which can be spent for traveling for instance but a few minutes they have can be used for playing their favorite game although of course we have to admit that playing game can be very addictive. One thing for sure, people just want to get the most use of their smart phone which is no longer only about communication device. Many functions can be found from the smart phone yet people still have to ensure the security of their smart phone. Using it a lot can make the smart phone vulnerable so they have to consider about its protection by choosing the right antivirus like Avast antivirus which can be downloaded for free.

Avast Free APK Antivirus


People need to know about things which can be done by Avast antivirus before they can look for the free download apk. The main function of this app of course is protecting the device from malware and virus. However, it is not the only thing which can be done by this app. It is also added with CyberCapture which is useful for examining the unknown file so they can know whether it is threat or not. People should choose the 2017 version of this antivirus app because it comes with faster performance. The latest version is streamlined as well as lightweight. Behavior shield of the software is also useful for monitoring the app as well as program in real time. When there is suspicious app or program, the antivirus will be triggered. It can be used for scanning or performing other features without disturbing other antivirus software.

Pros and Cons

The offer of antivirus which can be found is varied. This can be the reason why people have to make the selection of the best antivirus for their smart phone protection. Avast antivirus will provide them with some great things. The very first important good aspect from this antivirus is that the program is lighter. It means that more efficient performance can be found on the smart phone for scanning the virus. People maybe will have a great worry when installing this antivirus whether on the smart phone or mobile device because the previous version slow the device down. 

This problem will not be found in the latest version after all. To get the starter software of the antivirus, people can download it for free. The device security will be maintained properly because the database of the antivirus is updated in routine manner. People just want to install it right away on their smart phone but they must not forget about the cons from this app. They can find difficulty for learning the way using all of the features available in the app. This app also comes with paid features but it is bad that some of them cannot give the best use for some people. If the cons do not bother people, they can just look for the free apk.

Bubble Shoot Android Games Free Games Android Download Review

Bubble Shoot Android Games Free Games Android Download Review - The world of Android games seems really vast. There are more and more options of game which can be chosen for their Android device. Playing the mobile game surely becomes activity which is loved by many people a lot. The Android games will be a great way for spending their spare time. It can be entertaining and challenging at the same time. It is fun since people can get free games android which can be interesting and even addictive like Bubble Shoot. This game is pretty simple actually but it is highly addictive. It is better to learn further about this game. Besides the description of the game, we need to know more about the pros and cons of this game.

Bubble Shoot Android Games Free Games Android Download Review


People maybe will look for free download apk of this game, but they also need to know about the developer of this game which is created by Big Brother. Once they play this game, they will be kept occupied for hours. The rule for playing this game is pretty simple because they only need to fire the colored bubbles at the hanging bubbles pack. The bubbles will disappear if they can match at least three same colors. Once the bubbled are successfully removed, it means that the level is completed. They have to pop the bubbles quickly before the hanging bubbles move down from the top and touch the ground. There are various kinds of bubble which can keep the game attractive from the expanding bubbles to exploding bubbles. Two mores are available in this game including the Arcade mode and puzzle mode. From 180 levels available, people are offered with opportunity got winning one of the three stars.

Pros and Cons

Yes, the time when people are addicted to certain game does not end yet because there are many people who are addicted to certain game and Bubble Shoot must be included in the list of addictive game. Because of the addiction for playing this game with better experience, people try to get free apk for this game so they are able to play it in different device. There must be very good things which can be found from this game for Android after all. The first good thing which people can find from the game is that people can be very addicted for playing this game. Game playing experience will be satisfying because the game is supported with good graphics. There are two game modes which can be chosen for ensuring that playing the game can really be suitable with their ability. 

A lot of levels are available in this game so people will not get bored so easily. Last but not least, the good things from this game cannot be separated from several offers of special bubbles as well as power ups. Besides all of the good things which can be offered by Bubble Shoot game, people can also find some drawbacks such as the music which is pretty annoying. There can be level comes with difficulty level which is impossible at times. This can be frustrating for continuing the game after all.

Counter Strike Portable Free Games Android Download Review

Counter Strike Portable Free Games Android Download Review - There are various kinds of game which makes people want to play it a lot. There is no question that if people are talking about the popular game, there is no doubt that Counter Strike must be included. There are so many people who love to play this game through their computer. Of course since people are very familiar with the mobile device, it must be great if they can also play this game on their mobile device. Is it possible to find the free games android of Counter Strike for mobile device? Counter Strike Portable can be the answer.

Counter Strike Portable Free Games Android Download Review


Everyone has the same excitement when playing Counter Strike game. There is no doubt that people are able to get the best experience when playing this game on the computer but they can also enjoy it on the mobile device if they download free download apk for Counter Strike Portable. The portable version actually is kind of unofficial version of Counter Strike for Android device after all. If they want to play this game on the mobile phone, they only need to download the APK file and copy it to mobile phone memory. They can run it from the file manager like Astro File Manager. They have to remember that the application setting should have the checked Unknown sources option. They can simply grab their AK-47 once the game is installed and run. They will be able to play the game only. They need the Wi-FI connection with high speed if they want to get the best enjoyment when playing this game. Lag problem can be found often when this game is played with 3G connection after all.

Pros and Cons

Yes, people need to know more about the pros as well as the cons of Counter Strike Portable. They can have a big question whether it is worthy or not to download the free apk. Before making any decision for this matter, people can try to consider about the pros and cons offered by this game apk download. The good things must be important aspect to consider before downloading this game apk. The good thing which can be found from this game is the fact that many players are connected any time. It means that people can play the interesting game with other players anytime. This game surely can be the answer of anyone who wants to play the Counter Strike on their mobile device because they can find the graphics as well as levels from the classic counter strike. 

It is also great that this mobile game comes with quite comfortable touch controls. People must not forget about the camera graphics as well as management which is good enough. There is only very little configuration needed by this game. However, people also have to be ready with some cons from the game including the fact that it is unstable on some mobile devices. They will not find the classic options, weapons, as well as maps from the portable version. There can also be occasional problems associated with lagging.

Minecraft Pocket Edition Free Games Android Download Review

Minecraft Pocket Edition Free Games Android Download Review - Playing games can be one great entertainment method chosen by many people. The new games are offered time after time but we can make sure that Minecraft will always be in many gamers’ mind. Playing this game is really interesting because people will get the experience of mining, creating, as well as surviving in one game. This game got great success on the PC version and now people are able to find the pocket version of the game. They will be able to find the free games android of Minecraft Pocket Edition which is especially made for touch screen. It sounds very interesting for sure but we should learn more about the pocket edition of the popular game to make sure that they want it on their mobile device or not.

Minecraft Pocket Edition Free Games Android Download Review


The popular Minecraft game is brought to the mobile device and tablet in Pocket Edition form. It means that people will be able to dive into the world of building block and become legendary in the game through their mobile device. This is the game for the creative mind which can be played anytime and anywhere. People will look for the free download apk right away but there is no harm for learning further about this game after all. When playing the pocket edition of this classic game, they will start it with the random stage. Players have to survive under shelter because it is impossible to survive in open air with monster of the chaotic land that will appear and make effort to eat them. They have to guarantee the basic survival so they will be able to build their domain. They even ca explore their wild ideas in the creative mode. There is no limit for building anything from castle to cathedral.

Pros and Cons

Because there are so many games options which can be found for mobile device these days, we can make sure that people need to understand about the good points as well as bad points of every game they play on their smart phone. When people are talking about the Minecraft Pocket Edition, there will be some good things which can be found after all. The first great thing of this game surely is about the theme combination in the game. In one game, people will be able to experience some game categories including construction, exploration, and survival. It means that people can really find great excitement when playing this game. This game is the mobile adaptation from the PC version. People usually will not expect too much from this kind of adaptation because there can be a lot of missing things but people should admit that the mobile adaptation of Minecraft is pretty excellent. More importantly, the mobile version is also updated with the latest content from the PC version. 

Unfortunately, the whole game enjoyment should be experienced in low resolution. No matter what, this mobile game is surely interesting especially for Minecraft lovers so they will not mind to look for free apk to get the enjoyment of playing the game.

Android Zombiewood Free Games Android Download Review

Android Zombiewood Free Games Android Download Review - People surely have their very own preference about the type of game they want to play the most. Some people love to play the game which focuses on farming theme. However, there are also other people who have very great interest in shooting game. The shooting game can be varied as well because the theme can be different. For example, it is really fun to shoot the zombies. In this circumstance, people should try the Zombiewood for Android. They can find the free games android and they will be able to shoot the zombie up to entertain their selves and also release their anger. Since shooting zombies can be very interesting, it is better to learn more about this game.

Android Zombiewood Free Games Android Download Review


Many people have the urge to get the free download apk of the game because of many reasons including just by hearing the title of the game. From the game title, people actually can make relation between Zombie and Hollywood. In fact, the game takes place in Hollywood. Players will be able to find many clues from the sets of action movie in the game environments after all. It is interesting that many things on the screen can be destroyed. Players will get bonuses for destroying items in every level of the game actually. That is why it must be fun to shoot everything up to get better bonuses. People maybe will notice the cartoon look. There are some different zombie types in the game. Each type comes with different appearance so players will recognize the type of zombie attacks them easily. There are two controlling circles including the left pad for moving and right pad for shooting in expect directions. The weapons can be bought or upgraded but people will spend a lot of money for this purpose. They have the options for using in-app currency by Gameloft to do the purchase. Easy unlock levels can be found for the first four but they have to pay for playing other levels.

Pros and Cons

It is super easy to imagine about how interesting playing Zombiewood game right away. People can imagine the fun of shooting the zombies up. In this circumstance, people should know more about the good things as well as bad things offered by this game. The good thing in fact cannot be separated from the fun game play offered by this game. We can make sure that people will always have fun when playing this game. It is not the only good reason why people should download the free apk of this game after all because they will also find the great art style when playing this game.

Nevertheless, there is no perfect game since people are still able to find the bad parts of this Android game. In this circumstance, people can find the controls of the game which is unpolished. This game can be downloaded and installed for free but they still have to make in-app purchase to enhance their experience when playing the game. It can be a little bit frustrating when too many in-app purchases needed to enjoy the game mostly for sure.
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Popular Free Download Apk Games Android You Should Play

Popular Free Download Apk Games Android You Should Play - Is it possible to play android paid games for free? Yes, it is! Now, you can play free games android from different devices. Thanks to the free APK which makes you able to play those games. You just need to install the APK files and you are ready to play your favorite android games for free. So, what kind of free games android you can play for free with free apk?

Popular Free Download Apk Games Android You Should Play

The Void: Strangers from Upside Down

For those who love to play arcade games, you may consider this game. You are about to become a kid who have supernatural ability. Don’t worry you have a good reason to have such kind of ability. What you have to do with your ability is to rescue your friends from monsters. Those monsters are coming from the other world. This game is very popular and downloaded by gamers addict because of its cute character. Moreover, you or your kids will enjoy a game with colorful and brighter graphic. At the same, gamers and even first time gamers can easily play the game with handy controller system. You will be fascinating with the ability of the main character.

Hazy Race

One more arcade android game you can play for free is Hazy Race. This is a simple game with interesting graphic and idea. You are about to play the game with unique character. You lead the main character through the fog. What you have to do is tapping the screen and you bring the character to another island. The challenging part is that you have to guide the character to jump well. Don’t let the character fall to the deep abyss. With minimalistic graphic, this game is eye catching and pleasing your eyes. The simple controller system makes you play the game all day long. Just make sure that you get high score and be the master of Hazy Race.

Lumber Well

This is also a great arcade android game you can play in your free time. In this case, you are a woodcutter. Just guide the woodcutter to the places where there are a lot of trees. But it is not an easy one. You should avoid traps and even defeat wild animals. What makes this free game android interesting to play is because you can choose one of various characters. The various locations make you free from boredom. Those excitements are added with simple and easy controller system. So, just download this game and welcome to the new virtual world.

Warpets: Gather Your Army

This is the best android game for RPG game lovers. What you have to do is collecting various unique monster and mythical creatures. Train them to become skillful monsters. When they are ready, you can let them fight on a battle against hundreds of enemies and even strong bosses. You are the king of your castle and you have various monsters to train. The game is upgraded based on specific achievement. The best part is that you can fight against other player real time.

So, do you want to play the games above for free? You don’t need to think too long because you can do it right now. Just take free download apk service and follow the instruction. Without taking too long, you are ready to play your favorite android game for free.

Cracked Free Games Android: Read This before Downloading

Cracked Free Games Android: Read This before Downloading - Free games android are so popular because who doesn't want free games anyway? But do you know if most malware sites came from the outside of Google Play? On the other word, by downloading cracked apps and games of android from untrusted third party can lead you to something unwanted. One of the examples is that you open the possibility to let the malware infected your device.

Cracked Free Games Android: Read This before Downloading

Basically, android already gives you the opportunity to act freely as to install the apps from third party. This act is also known as “sideloading”. Most people would love or be tempted to download the cracked free APK and having free game even though it is basically payable. But it is not a good idea though. You should remember that most malware for android came from this way. You will never have to interact with malware or other harmful thing if you rely on Google Play.

According to Android Malware studies

The press always talks about android malware prevalence as well as how much it can endanger the android device. For your information, android malware is nothing common especially if you follow the official app stores such as Google Play and other official store for app and games. Less than a year ago, there was a study that found over 28,000 malware samples but less than 1% of it came from Google Play. So, it is fair that more than 90% malware of android came from third party and cracked APK files are just one example from a lot of them.

Besides, the personal data and especially your phone are prone to attack from app that came from unknown source. Well, this kind of caution is always shown before you install app or games from third party’s APK file.

Malware can charge you money

It is good news that Android 4.2 has finally added certain system that could prevent the third party app from sending odd messages to certain phone number with premium rate without your intention. But unfortunately, not all android users use android 4.2. The SMS messages that are sent to the premium rate number are kind of the favorite way of malware because it can charge you certain amount of money on you bill and the money will be directly sent to the creator of the malware.
The charge can be disputed for sure if you are willingly to contact the phone’s company. But you had already violated the term from the company so they will fight you as well anyway. the price for pirated app or game may be started from 2 USD and the charge will start from 10 USD directly to your bill of cell phone.

On the other hand, antivirus only will provide not enough protection to your phone even if your android is already version of 4.2 as well. So, even though APK file from third party can be the answer for any obstacle you are facing now, do not easily fall for free games android.

Free APK Android Games, What does That Mean?

Free APK Android Games, What does That Mean? - Free APK seems something that you will commonly see when you want to get free games for your android gadget. But actually, what is it? How to install it anyway? Well, most of android devices owners have a lot of options when they want to customize the appearance of their device or just become the most update user. Starting from using the launcher from third party in order to use unique wallpapers, you can jump to a lot of customize settings of your device. APK is one of the most common things you have heard if you love to customize your device then.

Free APK Android Games, What does That Mean?

Some people will use APK file to update the app or game if they do not want to wait until the official update is ready or released on public.

Basic things about APK file

APK is just a specific type used by android to recognize that this file is compatible to it when it comes to installation of app or software. For example, Windows OS will be able to install the .exe files and .dmg files will be recognized by Macintosh. Android OS also does the same. It recognizes .apk files as the specific format if you want to run the installation.

There are plenty of websites that provide free download APK for android users who do not want to wait or pay for certain apps and games. Basically, it is much easier to install apps and games from Google Play. You do not even need to know about the process at all. But sometimes the app or games you want is still not available in your country and this is why you need APK file in order to have it.

The advantage of installing APK file

Of course there are several advantages you will get if you install app from APK file. By downloading the APK files, you will be able to use the app that has been leaked before the official released schedule. The casual users would rarely do it but if they are the android enthusiast, this thing is a must.

APK files also allow you to get the newest updates from Google without have to wait until the official update is on.

As I have said earlier, some games or apps are not available in certain regions or countries. By installing from APK file, you do not have to wait for something that would never come. Still, APK files are mostly illegal since it comes from the third party. And if it is possible, you better download the legal one.


Since APK is not the official app, you should be careful because there are plenty of them are fake and contained malware. Besides, malware is mostly targeting android so you have to be aware. So, if you want to install APK file in your device, it is better to download from the trusted website or the ones that have great reputation. However, there are still many apps that are legal and safety even though you want free games android.

The Pros and Cons of Installing Free APK Files in Your Android Device

The Pros and Cons of Installing Free APK Files in Your Android Device - Free games android could be the most interesting thing you have ever heard, especially if the game is not released in your region or country yet. Downloading the APK from third party can be the great and solving answer for that issue. But sometimes it can create another issue for you that can harm your device especially if your APK is actually a fake installer or, in other word, a malware.

Speaking of which, there are a lot of cool items you may find for android but surprisingly, it does not come from legal app store. Android users love to get free download APK because of course it is free, playable, and they can enjoy the game or app that has not been released in their country. It sounds pretty cool, right?

Well, there are pros and cons or probably will be more appropriate if I say the benefits and the risks of installing this kind of file to your android device. You better read it before finally download and install it.

The Pros and Cons of Installing Free APK Files in Your Android Device

The pros of installing APK files

People might have many reasons of why the come to APK files rather than download it from the legal app store. It is common if an app or game is leaked before it is released officially. It means that you can get the APK file from third party before the app is even available in the legal app store. You are also allowed to enjoy other exciting updated features.

Besides, as I have always said earlier, the app itself is not available in your region which is not cool. Downloading APK file does not require you to be in certain location or country.

Other than that, you can enjoy the latest update from Google by doing override the carriers. So, you can enjoy the newest features and updates without have to wait for too long.

The cons of installing APK files

APK is definitely easy to install but most of the time it can be untrusted and not useful as well. It is really important to make sure that you get it from the trusted site. Besides, if the app is a stolen file then you may be in trouble, pals.

It is also possible to download many pirated contents from APK service. It is an illegal think and you cannot stay in this way forever because the cyber police will find you if you have been found violated the term. So, you better do a little research before downloading to make sure that you are not running into a big trouble.

Do you know if malware is everywhere? It can hide behind the APK file. There are a lot of cases type related to fake installer. You seem like downloading and installing the app or game you want but it is actually a malware. It can charge you certain amount of money and you cannot avoid it. So, make sure that you are in the safe place before downloading free APK.
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How to Install Applications Out of Google Play

How to Install Applications Out of Google Play - Free download APK you may find on the internet will lead you to free app and games. Who does not like the free apps and games after all? But due to the security concerns that become increasing, we do not recommend you to install any app or game from the third party. Other than that, the file from third party is not guaranteed by the official app store of your OS. So, if something bad happened to your android device then it becomes your full responsibility.

How to Install Applications Out of Google Play

We all know that android device is able to do an act called “sideloading”. It means that your android phone can download and install the app that is not available in your Google Play. It might be fun but not safety at all. Malware is something that will haunt you by installing APK file from unknown source. There are a lot of people out there who want to get money by working like this. Other than that, illegally downloading a content or app or game may bring you into trouble.

Setting up the device
This can be done with android 4.0 or the higher version. Go to Settings tab and look for Security then check the Unknown Source. This option will allow you to get free games android from all sources besides Google Play. Make sure you downloaded it from trusted website.

Downloading the app
To download an APK, you can just search it on the search engine. There are several sources that provide this thing but you have to make sure that the source is safe enough. Sideloading has high risk of inserting in some viruses to your android device. It is not recommended to download the APK for piracy or anything like that. It will drag you into a serious problem.

must read : 4 Free Games Android That Must Be Downloaded

You better look for the APK from trusted developer or provider. There are several apps removed from Play Store due to certain reason. And now the app is available on its own official website so you still can enjoy the content without have to download it from the app store.

The process
The APK file can be downloaded directly from your smartphone or from your PC. You can go to the drawer of the app and find the Download button then click it. Then you can open the file to install it.
You will need a little longer time if you download it from the PC. So, you can use your internet launcher in your PC. You need to connect your android phone to the PC at the first place and then click the USB mass-storage mode to enable it. After that, you can drag the downloaded APK file and drop in into the storage of your smartphone. You probably will need some kind of file manager to locate the file before installing it even though some types of phone do not require that.

Again, I will remind you that downloading from third party may be a bit harmful so make sure it is safe before downloading free APK.

4 Free Games Android That Must Be Downloaded

4 Free Games Android That Must Be Downloaded, One of purposes in purchasing smartphone is to play games. If you belong to a true gamer and take android home due to that reason, you should find some kinds of free download apk of games. Why should you choose free games? Surely, it is making you play the games freely without being burdened by the paid cost. Here is the list of free games to download.

4 Free Games Android That Must Be Downloaded

Angry Birds
Don’t claim to be a real gamer of android if you have no this android game in your smartphone. This game becomes the favorite one. It has more than 500 game levels readily entertaining the gamers during playing it. In addition, this game is guaranteed to make you not bored due to routine updates by its developer.  The ways of playing this game is simple but it is so challenging. It becomes a main attraction from Angry Birds. It is fairly interesting to see funny and cute birds from slingshot to throw to the air and beat the evil pigs. There are 10 types of birds readily helping you to cross every level of Angry Birds.

Subway Surfers
If you prefer colorful and fun endless run game, Subway Surfers is an appropriate game to download in android. Subway Surfers becomes a recommended free games android enabling you to choose three early characters; Jake, Fresh, or Tricky to run from the keeper catch and the dog. This game doesn’t need you to slant your android during playing it. It is enough to rub gently the smartphone screen to the right or left for moving up to jump and down to roll. In the journey, you will collect coins that can be used for purchasing unique characters. Moreover, you will meet cool power – up like jetpack and hoverboard to help you run from the chase of grumpy keeper. Play this game and beat up the highest score.

Temple Run 2
What else is endless run game? It is called Temple Run 2. This is a free game for android having more than 100 millions of downloads. Temple Run 2 becomes a required game to play on your android. It has beautiful graphic design and real sound effects making you feel different in this game. This game is successor of the previous game. Temple Run prevents more features in it. The curiosity and easy playing way makes this game enthusiastic to play. You will run from chases of giant monkeys because you have stolen artifacts from temples. Slant your android if you want to keep off challenges as long as collecting coins and power up.

Despicable Me
Who don’t get interested in the funny behaviors of minions in Despicable Me movie? For the gamers who want to always see those habits, Despicable Me becomes the right free apk of the game. You will help minions to gather bananas and beat its enemies to keep world peace. In this game, it is meeting 13 different areas having its theme. To help to pass that area, it must get power up. The ways are taking frozen arsenal, banana magnet, unicorn doll, and rocket launcher. If you have got a sufficient number of bananas, you are able to purchase the other minions with their unique strengths, power, and costumes.